How to add file in rails?

Undefined method `attachment_path or URL for #


Use this code in output file.

<%if orders.avatar.attached?%> <%= image_tag main_app.url_for(orders.avatar) %> <%end%>

if you want to save the image URL in the database you can add this to your controller or model.

:- main_app.url_for(model.”has_one_attached attribute name” ex:-avtar)

Edit image size:- variant(resize: “200×400”)

<%= image_tag main_app.url_for(orders.avatar.variant(resize: “200×400”)) %>

How to generate url for rails active storage image and file

Inside model:-

class VerifyIdentity < ApplicationRecord
    has_one_attached :upload_verifydata
    def image_url
        Rails.application.routes.url_helpers.url_for(image) if image.attached?

for more reference:-

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