Update particular key and its value in wp_option table in wordpress

//first get all the value by get option 
 $saved_lisc_data = get_option( ‘lisc_settings’);
//then put the update the key and its value
$saved_lisc_data[‘lisc_match_status’] = ‘complete’;

//then update the option

update_option( ‘lisc_settings’ , $saved_lisc_data);
//for multiple value update
$lisc_updated_data = get_option( ‘lisc_settings’);

$lisc_updated_data[‘lisc_enable_status’] = $lisc_enable_status;
$lisc_updated_data[‘lisc_api_url’] = $_POST[‘lisc_api_url’];
$lisc_updated_data[‘lisc_interval’] = $_POST[‘lisc_interval’];
$lisc_updated_data[‘lisc_total_timing’] = $_POST[‘lisc_total_timing’];
update_option( ‘lisc_settings’ , $lisc_updated_data );

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