Upload CSV File in PHP


// Load the database configuration fileinclude_once ‘dbConfig.php’; // Get status messageif(!empty($_GET[‘status’])){ switch($_GET[‘status’]){ case ‘succ’: $statusType = ‘alert-success’; $statusMsg = ‘Members data has been imported successfully.’; break; case ‘err’: $statusType = ‘alert-danger’; $statusMsg = ‘Some problem occurred, please try again.’; break; case ‘invalid_file’: $statusType = ‘alert-danger’; $statusMsg = ‘Please upload a valid CSV file.’; break; default: $statusType = ; $statusMsg = ; }}?> <!– Display status message –><?php if(!empty($statusMsg)){ ?><div class=col-xs-12> <div class=alert <?php echo $statusType; ?>><?php echo $statusMsg; ?></div></div><?php } ?> <div class=row> <!– Import link –> <div class=col-md-12 head> <div class=float-right> <a href=javascript:void(0); class=btn btn-success onclick=formToggle(‘importFrm’);><i class=plus></i> Import</a> </div> </div> <!– CSV file upload form –> <div class=col-md-12 id=importFrm style=”display: none;> <form action=importData.php method=post enctype=multipart/form-data> <input type=file name=file /> <input type=submit class=btn btn-primary name=importSubmit value=IMPORT> </form> </div> <!– Data list table –> <table class=table table-striped table-bordered> <thead class=thead-dark> <tr> <th>#ID</th> <th>Name</th> <th>Email</th> <th>Phone</th> <th>Status</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <?php // Get member rows $result = $db>query(“SELECT * FROM members ORDER BY id DESC”); if($result>num_rows > 0){ while($row = $result>fetch_assoc()){ ?> <tr> <td><?php echo $row[‘id’]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row[‘name’]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row[’email’]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row[‘phone’]; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row[‘status’]; ?></td> </tr> <?php } }else{ ?> <tr><td colspan=5>No member(s) found…</td></tr> <?php } ?> </tbody> </table></div> <!– Show/hide CSV upload form –><script>function formToggle(ID){ var element = document.getElementById(ID); if(element.style.display === “none”){ element.style.display = “block”; }else{ element.style.display = “none”; }}</script>

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